Production Company: RVK Productions (
Client: N/A

Executive Producer Paul Evans
Produced by Idalina Leandro

Created by Michael Davison, Nikolas Benn & James Anthony Young
Produced by Michael Davison, James Anthony Young & Nikolas Benn
Directed by James Anthony Young & Nikolas Benn
Written by Michael Davison & Nikolas Benn
Cinematography by Nikolas Benn
Starring David Walpole, Jennifer Brathwaite & Bobby “BJ” Daniels


Bedtime Stories for Men is a comedy series, with shades of action, satirizing typically male-oriented genres and delving into fantasy worlds to illustrate a modern day dilemma. Late 20 somethings are moving back in with their parents in droves and although they’re loved it’s becoming harder and harder to get them to seek their independence. If they won’t take a hint, maybe they’ll take a bed time story.

Get your kids out of the house, one story at a time.

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